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Huddle House opens in Kershaw

Kershaw, South Carolina
Aug 7, 2019

“Generally, Huddle Houses do well when they open,” BAM Ventures operations director Ty Reeves said. “We’ve had a large amount of sales volume in Kershaw. A big percentage of our orders are to go. It’s been great… more than what we expected.”
BAM Ventures LLC is a Kershaw-based company planning to open multiple stores in the area. As director of operations, Reeves helps open the stores and develop each store’s management staff. Then he moves on to the next opening. He said BAM plans to open its next store in Pageland in 2020.
Construction of the Kershaw store hit a few snags that delayed its opening by a few months. Obsolete water lines left from the abandoned Springs Mill Water Plant slowed the process, and then the weather took a toll on the project.
“We had a lot of weather issues. That was during the time when we had a lot of rain,” Reeves said.
The Kershaw restaurant has hired about 42 employees, primarily full-time positions. Reeves said the store’s opening has benefitted the community by providing employment opportunities.
“A lot of the employees we have are from Kershaw, and for some of them transportation was an issue,” he said. “They now have the ability to walk to work.”
Low-cost value meals as well as discounts for military personnel and law enforcement also benefit the community, Reeves said.
“We have some other things planned that will provide more affordable options for people who might be on a fixed income,” he said. “I think the most important thing is providing jobs to people who might not have had an opportunity otherwise.”
Huddle House is located at 7797 Kershaw Camden Highway, Kershaw and is open every day 5 a.m.-midnight.