New Huddle House Now Open in Cleveland

Cleveland, TN
Dec 21, 2019

The community's new Huddle House Restaurant is now open.

Local residents no longer have to wait to fill the food cravings they may have at any time of day.

Huddle House, the nation’s iconic neighborhood restaurant and gathering place,has announced it has opened its doors in Cleveland. The restaurant is located at 1051 King Street, where local residents are now able to enjoy the “Any Meal, Any Time” hometown hub morning, noon and night.

Based in Atlanta, Huddle House restaurants have earned adoration in their communities for their warm, friendly atmospheres where every conversation, sip of coffee and bite of home-cooked meals are savored. It is known for its round-the-clock breakfast, Southern hospitality and big portions at fair prices, Huddle House embeds itself into every community it serves by bringing friends and families together over delicious food, served from the heart.

There are currently more than 400 Huddle House restaurants open or in development across the United States.

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